COSTA RICA BUSINESS NEWS — Yet another shopping centre will be constructed in Costa Rica market. The developer in charge has announced that the 23,500 square metre (252.000 square foot) mall to be built in San Rafael Abajo de Desamparados, on the south of the San José, will be completed in July 2015.

Illustration by Integra Kapitales

The mall which will be called ‘Mall Zona Centro’, will feature 50 stores and will be built on land measuring 23,500 square metres. The development is being run by the company Integra Kapitales and is currently in the construction phase.

Gabriel Calvo, commercial manager of Integra Kapitales told that “… The shopping centre market is in a strong rebound. This market is growing in all categories. In the case of the southern part of the capital there is sufficient population with a great need for commercial development. ”

‘… The mall will be ready in July 2015 and there is already 40% pre-positioning in the commercial area. ”

Calvo said initially the project will generate 300 direct and indirect jobs.

Currently under construction is what will be biggest shopping mall in Costa Rica, City Mall , located in Alajuela, less than two kilometres (a mile) from the international airport. City Mall will have some 200.000 square metres (2.1500.000 square foot) of space and parking for 2.600 cars, is  expected to open on November 2015.



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