Nicaragua border at Peñas Blancas
Nicaragua border at Peñas Blancas

(TODAY NICARAGUA) The Nicaraguan private sector claims that customs is demanding that form be completed in English, and they are charging for import certificates in dollars instead of the local currency.

The Superior Council of Private Enterprise in Nicaragua (COSEP) has protested against Customs offices continuing to hamper trade and generating delays in the transit of goods to the region. They claim that they have received complaints from companies in the industrial sector over charges in dollars and forms in English, which is illegal, according Cosep.

“We do not have estimates of the economic losses, adjacent to Metrocenter, but the effects are serious,” said Jose Adan Aguerri, president of the Superior Council of Private Enterprise (COSEP).

“… The Chamber of Commerce and Services of Nicaragua (CNSC) also denounced irregularities committed in customs offices, especially to importers, who described them as unbearable and have warned the government that this issue creates more inflation because of the additional retention costs companies face and which are transferred to the final consumer. ‘The biggest problem we face are the doubts over the value of the goods, which causes cargo to be retained longer than necessary.’ ”

“… COSEP’s president also complained that there is a lot of concern on the part of the trade sector over economic damages suffered as a result of marches for and against the government and those that are being held around Metrocentro and Carretera a Masaya. ”


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