(Q NICARAGUA) Nicaraguan authorities today expelled a U.S. fugitive who escaped justice three and a half years ago after pleading guilty in a U.S. federal court to possessing child pornography.

Papp gets led by Nicaraguan police (photo/ Nicaraguan police)
Papp gets led by Nicaraguan police (photo/ Nicaraguan police)

Nicaraguan police detained Cory Micahael Papp on Jan. 1, after he was stopped in a taxi at a routine checkpoint in Chontales. When asked to present identification, Papp reportedly showed police an expired U.S. passport. Police later discovered that Papp has been wanted in the U.S. since 2009, after he escaped a jail sentence for being found in possession of more than 2,000 digital images of minors having sex.

A June 23, 2009 report the Oregonian said that “Papp was seen looking at child porn on computers in the Valley Library at Oregon State University between July 31 and Aug. 1, 2007.” The newspaper reported that Papp, then 33, was not enrolled at the university and had no known job.

It is not clear what Papp was doing in Nicaragua, or how he entered the country with an expired passport. Police say he entered the country on Dec. 21, after crossing the Honduran border.

Papp was handed over to U.S. authorities at the airport this afternoon.

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