TODAY NICARAGUA – The Nicaraguan government declared unfeasible the mining project by Canadian company B2Gold in the village of Rancho Grande, Matagalpa, for the effects it could have on the environment.

The Coordinator of the Communication and Citizenship Council, Rosario Murillo, said in her usual intervention through local television, that the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources presented all relevant considerations to the company.

As noted, the conclusion of all experts is that the project is unfeasible due to the damage it would cause to nature, environment, water sources and the people’s way of life.

Murillo said that this was a concession approved before 2007 (the year in which returned to power the Sandinista National Liberation Front), during the period of neoliberal governments.

‘With this, once again our government and our president, Daniel Ortega, make clear how we are always concerned of taking into account all aspects of reality’, said the Coordinator, who added that the decision was informed to the locals.

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