TODAY NICARAGUA –  Nicaragua is reinforcing the systems of alert and monitoring before the spread of the <strong>zika virus</strong> in the country and the region, said Doctor Socorro Gross today, a representative of the WHO-PAHO in this country.

The diffusion of the virus has been so fast, that cases are already being reported in 18 nations of the hemisphere, included the United States, mentioned the official of the World and Pan-American organizations of Health, in a press conference.

As a new illness, the zika virus experiences a very rapid spread in the region of the Americas, even more than the chikungunya, compared Gross.

In Central America, only Nicaragua and Costa Rica have no confirmed cases until now, in South America, Peru, Chile and Uruguay are exempt, and Cuba, in the frame of the islands of the Caribbean Sea.

Sonia Castro, Nicaraguan Public Health Minister, stated that since last year they took samplings with a view to detecting infected subjects, and at the same time they are ready, in order to take actions before the virus makes a penetration in the national territory, for which they installed diagnostic, clinical capacities and of epidemiologic alertness.

The Department of Health has groups of specialists, teams of work for the certification of the diagnosis, as well as the handling of the epidemic, insisted the holder of the branch.

Nicaragua is provided with the PCR, the only certified diagnosis system in the world, made from the study and comparison of the ADN.

The laboratory is located in the National Center of Diagnosis and Indexes, where all the suspicious samples are sent.


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