Fishermen cast their nets out in Bluefields Bay on Nicaragua's Caribbean coast.
Fishermen cast their nets out in Bluefields Bay on Nicaragua’s Caribbean coast.

TODAY NICARAGUA – From right out of a line in the movie Field of Dreams, “if you build it they will come”, Nicaragua says it will build nine artifical islands in the Caribbean to sea to attract tourists.

The Empresa Portuaria Nacional (EPN) – Nicaragua Port Authority, says the islands will be built in Bluefields Bay, opposite the city of the same name, the provincial capital of the autonomous Región Autónoma Caribe Sur (RACS).

The construction will take place throughout the month of October and for the EPN use material extracted from dredging the bay of Bluefields with the goal that the islands are completed in November, according to official information.

“The goal is to extract 581,442 cubic metres of sediment, and forming nine artificial islands to boost local tourism,” authorities said.

Each island will be an average of 80 metres in diameter, detailed the EPN, which did not disclose the conditions that each of the islands offer tourists.

The dredging will be done with the 250 Damen dredge, which cost US$1.3 million dollars and is capable of processing 1,000 cubic metres per hour, according to the EPN.

Bluefields, is the largest city in the RACS, its predominantly African descent culture make it an exotic appeal in the Nicaraguan Caribbean.

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