Paseo Real en León. LAPRENSA/C.VALLE
Paseo Real en León. LAPRENSA/C.VALLE

(Today Nicaragua) The Mántica Group says plans to invest US$25 million in the construction of a shopping centre on the road to Masaya and US$21 million in an office building and commercial premises in the area of Villa Fontana, Managua.

The first project is scheduled to start in March 2017 and consists of a two-story shopping center, in which the company announced it will be investing US$25 million. It will be completed in December of the same year.

Executives at Mántica Group explained to that “… the third project, consisting of two types of works is Plaza Fontana which includes a shopping plaza … measuring 6,500 square meters and later the construction of two towers each with six floors for offices in the area of Villa Fontana in Managua. ”

Lytton Cano, strategic marketing manager, added that it is expected that US$21 million will be invested in this development.”

Cano explained that Paseo Masaya, with an investment of US$12 million dollars will have a floor space of 8,500 square meters.

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