30_Dinero_PortadaTODAY NICARAGUA – If it wants to compete in the big leagues of single-origin coffee, the Nicaraguan coffee sector must focus on getting designations of origin.

In Nicaragua there are five areas that are considered to be those with the highest levels of quality and these have great potential for certification of designation of origin and geographical indications. Competition for position in the demanding international market becomes fiercer if you do not have this certification.

Carlos Zelaya, a researcher at the International Center for Tropical Agriculture, told Elnuevodiario.com.ni that “… Nicaraguan coffee producers with the best chance of getting these recognitions are those in Dipilto, because the main requirement is to have reputation, and the municipality, with less than three thousand hectares of coffee plantations, has excelled in the past three years with 29 winning coffees in the Taza de la Excelencia Contest, which have been sold in an electronic auction at record prices. ”

Meanwhile, Beatriz Moreno, responsible for projects at Anacafé, added “… Coffees speak for themselves in quality. The designations of origin are not created, they are recognized. It is also a long and meticulous process. The benefits of appellations of origin, in terms of market, go beyond the image projected by the coffee. ”

Source: elnuevodiario.com.ni

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