The Nicaraguan chapter of the Network of Intellectuals, Artists and Social Movements in Defense of Humankind expressed today its full support to the Government of Ecuador against what it termed a soft coup.

In the Embassy of Ecuador in this capital, the president of the group, Miguel d’Escoto, read a statament that denounces the Venezuelan opposition’s incitement to “protests by manipulation and misinformation.”

The statement also criticizes the use of the media as a political tool, the use of social networks to attack and discredit and the instigation to acts of illegal and violent protests.

In the opinion of the undersigners, these are clear signs of a soft coup strategy to topple legitimately established governments.

The document expresses support to President Rafael Correa and defends nationwide dialog as the right step to work for the fair distribution of wealth and put an end to inequalities.

“We call the peoples of the region and the international community to check foreign aggression and the soft coup against President Correa, that is against the Ecuadorian people,” says the statement.

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