The Municipality of Nicoya expects that at least 3.000 people, including Presidenta Laura Chinchilla, will take part in a protest march against the statements made last week by Nicarauga’s president, Daniel Ortega, that he will make a claim for Guanacaste.

Nicoya mayor, Marco Jiménez, commented on ADN 90.7 radio that the march will kick off at 10 am in front of the court building and move to the downtown square, where a ceremony is scheduled.

“We reaffirm that since 1824 the women and men of the Partido de Nicoya told the world, we chose our homeland of our won will”, said the mayor.

Mayor Jiménez added that the activity is to last about two hours and has asked the Minsitry of Education to allow area students to attend.

Jiménez said that it being a work day participation will be low, as most Costa Ricans will be at work, reassuring, however, that the present of government figures generates an important dynamic.

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