Breastfeeding in public areas is common in Costa Rica, a mothers satisfy the needs of their infant child when and where. But, that will not be the case in Lincoln Plaza in Moaravia.

Last Saturday, the managers of the newly opened shopping centre forbade a mother to breastfeed her daugther in a public area. The prohibition has generated a controversy following its publication in La Nacion.

Patricia Barrantes, the mother who was forbidden to breastfeed her infant child, told her story the daily Spanish language newspaper, that after publishing reulted in many angry comments against the shopping centre.

One of those comments against the ban was by Presidenta Laura Chinchilla.

Since, the commercial plaza, in an press statement, assured that “the mall does allows the use of common areas to breastfeed, if the mother so chooses”.

Source: Amelia Rueda

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