Unos 500 furgones hacen fila en territorio panameño, a la espera de que se abra el tránsito en Paso Canoas (Freddy Parrales)

Some 500 trucks line the Panamanian side of the Paso Canoas border waiting on the border truck traffic to resume. (Photo Freddy Parrales/La Nacion)

The government of Laura Chinchilla has said it will not intervene in the blockade by truckers at the Paso Canoa border with Panama, now in its third day.

The Ministry of Transport (MOPT), the Security Ministry (MSP) nor the Ministry of Foreign Affairs claim to have a stake in the dispute.

Truckers are keeping trucks from passing into Panama in protest of abuses by national border services in Panama.

The truckers say that the lack of co-ordination between officials of both borders causes unnecessary delays and vow to keep the blockade until the two sides reach a working agreement.

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