Starting Wednesday eastbound traffic along the Sabana Sur, the road parallel to the Ruta 27, will no longer be able to turn left onto Avenida 10 and Paseo Colon.

The change in signalization will begin on Wednesday by the Ingeniería de Tránsito. The change was needed as many drivers would literally stop on the train tracks waiting for the light ahead to change.

With the change, eastbound traffic will move straight ahead past the Universal and McDonalds and be able to turn left several blocks away, in front of the CNP, then to the right for Avenida 12 or one block north to Avenida 10.

Sabana Sur traffic headed for Paseo Colon and the autopista General Cañas – past the Nissan – will either have to go past McDonalds, make a right, a block down, another right, another block and another right, to head north again, OR a right at the Universal, a block down, a “legal” U-turn and head back north.

Tránsito says it will take three days to complete the changes at the intersection, with work being carried out between 9:00am and 5:00pm Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

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