In search of a good espresso while in Jacó Saturday, my friends and I came across this little coffee shop/restaurant located along the main strip.

We all sat down an ordered an espresso. Simple enough.

Once the coffee was on the table, two of us noted a little extra with the coffee – a blue substance on the inside of the rim of the demitasse.

At first look it may have been a chipped cup. Or maybe some strange (weird) design.

On close inspection, however, it was a blue paste that is used for dish washing in kitchens – home and restaurants – across the country.

The dishwasher, in this case, did not rinse well, in our case two of the four cups on the table.

“Waiter, no soap in my coffee please”, was my quip to the horror of my Tico friend, who was more than pleased to wipe away the paste and drink from the cup.

Without an apology the waiter quickly replaced my cup of coffee. Did I drink it? Yes. Only after did it come to me that…

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