Finding no takers for his 354.000 votes, leader of the Frente Amplio party, José Maria Villalta, announced Friday that his followers are free to vote as they seem fit on April 6.

After dangling support from his Wide Front Party before both parties in the runoff election (and apparently finding no takers,) defeated presidential candidate Jose Maria Villalta has released his adherents to vote as they deem fit in the second round.

201310081043330.jose-maria-villalta-frente-Villalta, who came in a fairly distant third in the main election vote behind National Liberation’s Johnny Araya and Citizen Action Party’s Luis Guillermo Solis, had offered his party’s support to one of the two as long as they followed a set of his principles.

Guillermo Solis, had offered his party’s support to one of the two as long as they followed a set of his principles.

Apparently, his offer was met by a deafening silence from both parties. However, Rodolfo Ulloa, the party’s general secretary, said that this had been the wish of his directors after polling opinion from all over the country.

Ulloa urged those who favored Villalta to carefully weigh both candidates’ positions before voting. One plank of the Villalta platform was a tax reform whereby “the rich would pay taxes as the rich” should.

Other measures urged by Villalta during the recent election campaign were a hike in the minimum wage, observance of labor rights and a hard line against employers who do not
follow the law.

Ulloa also urged support of the Latin American and Caribbean States Community of which this country’s outgoing President Laura Chinchilla is president. The body was created by the late Hugo Chavez, Venezuelan former President and the idol of the Wide Front party.

Commentary:Despite the number of votes Wide Front got the first time around, neither party seems willing to get too chummy with Wide Fronters. Villalta, himself, shortly after the first
round, discounted alliance with Liberation in an interview with La Nacion.

Now comes the rejection of Citizen Action (PAC). Despite the Ulloa spin, we think both parties considered Wide Front polling booth poison. Pardon us if we believe both Liberation and PAC did the rejecting…

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