CENTRAL AMERICA NEWS — According to entrepreneurs the government’s proposal for the development of the manufacturing sector does not include a budget nor does it specify how results will be measured.

Maquiladoras-upcoming-story-picThe Salvadoran Association of Industrialists (ASI) highlighted a number of deficiencies observed in the National Policy for Development, Diversion and Productive Transformation of El Salvador.

Doris Rodriguez de Rivera, manager of Industrial Intelligence (ASI) told Elsalvador.com that “… the industrial policy may not produce the expected results because it has three key aspects which he described as flaws in the drafting process: design, coordination and measurement ”

He added that “… The document does not provide an estimate or specify the indicators that should be used to measure results; also it does not determine who will to ask for payment and stressed that the policy is not focused on people, but indices of competitiveness. “

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