QMEDIA – Professional photographer Alessandra Piasecka gives us this great shot, of Castelvecchio Bridge, in Verona (Italy), which portrays a “real” lunar rainbow, a rare phenomenon.

Alessandra  says of the photo and her work:

“I chase atmospheric phenomena such as rainbows, by long time. They fascinate me a lot.  You can tell that I’m going to hunt them in the hope of being able to photograph them.”

“The very dark sky, the full moon, the presence of humidity from the clouds, the absence of  ‘spay’ effects and the long exposure time of the shot taken about half an hour after sunset are all essential conditions for a ‘rea’ moonbow.

That night, in Verona, there were all the conditions to shoot it.

It was a unique experience to document this phenomenon and realize my project.

The photography is also this: the search continues, through the study of various disciplines, of perfect conditions and of perfect moments for an excellent result.”


Editor’s note: Being Italian, I thought I would share this beautiful photo of my birth country. I can only hope that Alessandra makes her way to Costa Rica to apply some of her magic to may adopted country’s many wonders.

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