Not Much Longer – Thank You God!

(QBLOG)  Who and the hell is this Joe Garcia and what terrible, terrible things has he done?

We receive our cable feed from Miami and recently it has been either the weather or one of the thousands of campaign advertisement demeaning candidates while promoting others who are like ghosts since most expats have no idea who these people might be.

Republican, Democrat…I think we have one thing in common, get this election over with!!!!!

Perverse advertising dominates our CBS and ABC feeds from Florida (no NBC feeds are available in Costa Rica). They are a 24/7 epic event to scare voters and spewing truths, half-truths and out-right lies.

Since I, and most expats are not from Florida it is a question that there must be something else to advertise such as Twinkies and the five hundred automobile agencies, all with the same theme song.

Here in Pura Vida we supposedly have drawn an exception card to this circus. But not so! Emotionally we are involved with “home” and we have voted for our favorite candidate. The question is how we might have voted for congress, senate and the propositions because we live here, not there which translates to limited or no knowledge of the issues. However, party lines are always strong.

I have asked 50 expats, “If Trump should win would you return to the United States or stay in Costa Rica?”

Costa Rica won.

“If Hillary wins would you return to the United States or stay or stay in Costa Rica?”

Costa Rica won again.

The lesson here is that emotionally we still live in the U.S. but in reality, our home is Costa Rica. And, we should worry or participate in our own home-town elections.

“Please God! Get this over with.!

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