(Prensa Latina) The number of women jailed in Mexico for crimes associated with drug trafficking increased in recent years.

The Equis, Justice for Women organization, presented a report on this issue, in which it warns that between 2014 and 2016, the number of women incarceration doubled, mainly due to the possession and sale of marijuana.

The report states that when sentencing them, judges did not take into account their contexts and needs as mothers of families, usually single.

The organization highlights that in 2015, about 176,339 people entered the country’s prisons for common crimes, 14,231 of which (8.1 percent) are women, and 1,617 of these were related to crimes against health.

It emphasizes that female inmates for drug sales totaled 940 in 2014 and the figure reached 1,911 by 2016.

At the federal level, it refers that from 32,121 admissions to prison centers, 8.5 percent are women, that is, 2,704.

Of them, 1,169 were accused of illegal actions such as drug trafficking. Specifically, 43 percent for possession and trade of narcotics, although there is also other crimes against health and those not specified, for which 479 were detained.

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