OIJ Publishes Photo Of Deceased Man’s Boxer In Attempt To Identify Him


QCOSTARICA – From this could only happen in Costa Rica, the Organismo de Investigación Judicial (OIJ), the country’s version of the FBI, has posted a photo of a deceased man’s boxer (still wearing them) in asking the public to identify the man.

The OIJ recognizes that the publishing of the photo is unorthodox, but it is the only thing have going to identify the deceased man

This is for real, not a spoof.

On their Facebook page, the OIJ apologizes for the decision of the use of the photo man’s boxer, the only clothing he was wearing when found on February 10, in an area between La Garita and Atenas, in Alajuela.

The OIJ believe the man is aged between 17 and 25, is 1.78 metres tall and the blue boxers are the ““P. SENADOR” brand.

The OIJ includes in the post, “we apologize to those who felt offended with this publication. However, it is in serious, we need to know if someone recognizes the garment and has a missing relative, associated with the garment, who can help with the identification of the person. In cases such as this we cannot publish the face of the deceased, it would be a grotesque image”.

Some of the more than 25 comments  were immediately posted, that included:

“What about an artist’s sketch of the face?”

“Sure this photo is not horrendous?”

“I thought it was a joke…?”

I don’t take offense to seeing the boxer, I resent seeing rapists free on the streets!!!!”

“… is P.Senador the name of the deceased ??? Crap

The OIJ asks for any information that could lead to the identity to call the toll free number 800-800 0645 or email at cicooij@poder-judicial.go.cr.