COSTA RICA NEWS – National cigarette manufacturers have until Sept. 19 to sell all their old packs of cigarettes in inventory before new ones with more prominent warnings take their place. The stiff law said that simply “Smoking may be hazardous to your health” is not enough.

The cigarette makers have already had one extension on the deadline when they appealed the law, saying that the law simply did not give them sufficient time. They already had eliminated the old packs of 10, prohibited under the illusion that they encouraged increased consumption of tobacco.[su_pullquote align=”right” class=”H2″] Related: Costa Rica’s Health Unveils Graphic Designs To Be Part of Cigarette Packaging[/su_pullquote]

The two-year-old law is one of the most draconian of a number of such laws enacted in developed countries. It demands not only that packs include prominent warnings but images to discourage smoking as well. That is, half of the package’s front and all of the back of the pack promise dire results.

The law was cobbled together in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and a group of fierce non smokers. It raised the price of cigarettes to heights that would have been unheard of in past decades. The new packs warn of lung cancer, and other detailed health affects of smoking.

In an attempt to safeguard the health of at least the poor, besides loading up the cigarette packs with taxes to make them costly, the puritanical legislators also prohibit cigarettes from being sold singly.

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