Every year it is the same, right down to the last hours to know is the Zapote Fair and the bullfights are a sure thing. And every year it is the same problem, Ministerio de Salud permits.

The Zapote Fair that runs from Christmas Day to the first days of the new year is the largest of the annual fairs in Costa Rica.

Like every other year, the fair offers the amusement park, typical food, bars, concerts, fireworks and the bullfights. It kicks off the annual fair season that includes Palmares in January and Puntarenas in February among others.

And like every year, though everyone knows there will be one, there is always doubt. What do Christmas be without Zapote.

In any event, organizers are confident that the inspection on Monday by the Dirección Regional de Salud will be positive and all the respective permits will be issued.

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