Brayan Alvarado Espinoza, 21, one of the passengers who was injured on Thursday in the collision of two buses on the Autopista General Cañas, died Friday, the Hospital Mexico confirmed.

Wrtnesses said the yellow bus was speeding and could not avoid hitting the stopped bus (blue) making a stop to let off and taken on passengers. There is no bus bay at this legal bus stop. The young man who died Friday night had just gotten off the blue bus.

The death occurred at 6 p.m., confirmed by telephone by the director of that medical center, Douglas Montero.

Alvarado was a native of Grecia, and the father of a three-and-a-half-year-old son, according to Civil Registry records.

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“It was the product of a multi-system failure, the organs did not recover due to the blow suffered during the accident and they all failed until the death occurred. He was critical from the moment of the accident until now. The family was with him,” said the doctor.

Alvarado was the most seriously injured and had had his leg amputated on following the collision and remained in the Intensive Care Unit.

Alvarado Espinoza, who had a birthday coming up next month, on June 23, had just got off that bus that had stopped when he was hit by it after the bus was hit from behind.

The Ministerio Publico (Prosecutor’s Office) reported that it has officially opened a criminal investigation into the crash.

The crash occurred at 5:40 a.m. Thursday morning on the San Jose – Alajuela direction of the Autopista General Cañas, at the bus stop in front of the immigration offices in La Uruca.

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Speeding and reckless driving is being alleged as the cause of the collision. Witnesses told the morning television crews at the scene that the yellow bus was speeding and could not avoid the blue bus, stopped to let off and taken on passengers, due to traffic in the other lanes.

At this point in the Autopista, the bus stop is in the right lane. There is no bus bay.

The Fiscalia is investigating the case for criminal negligence. “Since yesterday, the Prosecutor’s Office is investigating the events that occurred jointly with the Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ),” said the press office of the Ministerio Publico.

Currently, the case in the stage of collecting evidence and witness statements to determine possible responsibility and establish who would be charged.


For its part, the Public Transportation Council (CTP) confirmed that the Zúñiga Transportation bus, which provided the San José – San Antonio de Belén service, lacks permission to carry passengers, while the Station Wagon bus has all the paperwork in order.

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