Only half of a 100 meter stretch of Calle La Claudia was paved by the municipality of Santa Barbara de Heredia, the other half belongs to Alajuela.

QCOSTARICA – Calle La Claudia is a rural road in Santa Barbara de Heredia. Last week the municipality paved the road, but only one half, because the other half belongs to the canton in Alajuela.

When seeing the end result – only half of a road paved – the mayor of Santa Barbara, Melvin Alfaro got the unusual response from the head of the Technical Unit (Unidad Técnica) Roberto Chavarría, saying that the unpaved half does not belong to them, it belongs to the municipality of Alajuela that has a development project in the process.

“I was livid, all eyes are on the mayor, people will complain, they won’t blame the tecnicos”, Alfaro told the press.

The half paved / half unpaved stretch of road is about 100 meters*.

According to Chavarría, Alajuela officials told him that it would be a waste to paved at this stage in the development of the urban project, “Paseo Floresta” on the property owned by Agrícola Loma Azul, that is set to get underway.

*In rural Costa Rica, municipalities seem to pave their roads 100 meters at a time.

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