Expats do not seem to much care, few have any idea who are the candidates, their political positions and those same accusations go for the Ticos who will or will not vote for a new president in the upcoming elections.

I find it appalling that expats have not followed the candidates and their party politics since the newly elected president will indeed decide our fate for the next four years. In the mean time, direct foreign investors have backed off from Costa Rica and if one uses the Internet, excluding paid announcements, we come off as being expensive, corrupt, the home of violent crimes and incompetency. All descriptions have some, perhaps a lot, of element of truth to them.

“Yes,” to follow and understand thirteen candidates from thirteen political parties is the job of a news junkie. But, now we are down to two parties and which are easily understandable and identifiable. It is just that most expats are not willing to study reality.

In general terms, Latin America has elected and has moved to either the left of center or far left depending on the nation. Personally, I hope the United States, does not do an “Allende” and kill who ever becomes president in whatever country in the world.

Both Candidates, Araya and Solis, are left of center. Make no mistake about that. Many view Solis as further left than Araya, but that is not the case. Regardless who wins, Costa Rica will see a continued appreciation of the USD, a correspondent increased cost of living and more taxes. It is illogical to think otherwise.

If our exports grow from a weak colon, then import costs must increase as a cost balance; also from a weakened colon. In some cases, that can already be felt at the food stores. Remember, we export tomatoes, and then import same when canned.

Will either candidate resolve the critical inequality of economic classes? Hardly at all. Despite quivering lower lips and tear filled eyes, the lower income earners are far less important than the wealthy which is not at all unique to this country.

And that can become a fatal flaw!

However, as Dr. Peter F. Drucker said, “Business is an organ of society and if business does not promote and sustain society to buy its products and services, enterprise will parish.”

Just look at Venezuela and let Costa Rica learn a lesson to ask the hard questions of the candidates, of the parties and receive measurable answers that meet our needs! Moreover, let expats and foreign investors continue to vote with their wallets.

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