Costa Rica in simpler times.
Costa Rica in simpler times.

A quick overview of the book is a 1957 work by John F. Kennedy (Although some say Sorenson.) writing of short profiles, experiences would have us believe that eight United States Senators who defied popularity and did what they believed “right” for the country. The book, did win a Pulitzer which is not on the same level as a Nobel Laureate, but it does have a strong message that perhaps our country, Costa Rica might consider.

What we in Costa Rica miss most is a collective dedication to national courage. Populace goals that might some day, once again, be reignited to send out global messages that we may be alone in our quest to save the ecosystem, be able to walk the road at night with a sense of safety, stop carrying guns and trust our government brothers and sisters to do the right thing on a daily basis that makes our country a better place to live: a much better place at that.

The congress (Asamblea Legislativa) is omnipotent: It collectively can do about anything the gossip lunch hour (Two hours or more) might agree upon.

We have now a President whose come on is like the supportive Pope Francsico, but absent of the inherent power of that position.

I believe and pray that finally Costa Rica can go back in time when the streets were safe, Kids played in the parks until dark then got called home by worried parents, airports were “funky” but indeed functional with smiling immigration officers who chuckled at the archaic but affective methods of catching the rare Tico or tourist who brought in a turkey carving knife, smiling tourists when we were famous for humor and when five crocodiles in Manuel San Antonio did not shut down the park. (Mr. Ranger, the answer is to alter the trail and have the tourists exit at some place other than where they might be eaten alive.)

I like the attitude of Southwest Airlines who try their very best to have fun flying. Not easy, not easy at all since most will agree the experience to arrive and leave CR is miserable.

To the point: We need to support the smaller hotels and restaurants far more than the Intels and one more textile mill who might offer no-brain, no-pay jobs. Tourism is our forte and not making products and exporting them. In less than a month we have the escape of Bank of America Customer service, the infamous Intel production team and the former Atlas group. (Mabe who manufacture stoves for export.)

There is a message here, “what is it?” Tell us!

We are not China, we are not Cambodia and we are not Thailand. We are Costa Rica, a tall proud country that can offer the global market an amazing amount of technical support, almost without accent, and globally acceptable, sincere customer services.

Please, Asamblea, congress people, spend our limited money on what we do best: Make people happy.

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