Thursday's front page of La Teja
Thursday’s front page of La Teja

(QCOSTARICA) This past Tuesday was not a good day for Justo Orozco, a day when two different women, in two separate and unrelated events, accuse the former legislator of sexual abuse.

We all now the details of the first allegation, the case of the 29-year-old woman on Tuesday filing charges against Orozco, alleging he sexual abused her, and almost caught red-handed by police.

However, we now learn that on the same day, in the morning of Tuesday, Orozco had committed a similar offence against another woman.

The Ministerio Publico confirmed the existence of the second complaint, filed against the former legislator.

In the second case, the woman, identified by her last name Ruiz, told the Fiscalía de Delitos Sexuales (Sex Crimes Prosecutor), Orozco had offered a ride to the bus stop after an interview at the Instituto de Desarrollo de la Inteligencia, an office maintained by Orozco in Hatillo. The office is also the headquarters of the  Partido Renovacion Costarricense political party, of which Orozco is president.

“While in the car, at around 11:55am, about 200 metres where he was to have let me off, he grabbed my left hand, kissed it and then placed it on his lap and began to rub it against his penis, over his clothing,” said the woman in her complaint.

The woman filed the complaint the following day,  possibly motivated by the news of the Naranjo woman accusing Orozco of a similar act.

Both cases, filed with the Primer Circuito Judicial de San José, are now under investigation by the Ministerio Público.

Orozco maintains his innocence in both cases. His lawyer, Hugo Navas, calls it strange that two different cases, by two different women, are filed on the same day, alluding some type of conspiracy against his client.

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