Former legislator and perennial presidential candidate, Otto Guevara, said that the Ministry of Education (MEP) wants to turn young people into ‘worshipers of the socialist system’.

The former legislator and perennial presidential candidate accuses the Ministry of Education of socialist teachings of the Partido Accion Cuidadana (PAC). File photo from Otto Guevara’s days in the legislative assembly

The libertarian said that “those who have had a position of influence in the MEP use public resources and the entire education system to indoctrinate youth about their (socialist) development model, about the vision they have in various issues.”

“They want to turn young people into statesmen, worshipers of the State, worshipers of the socialist system, turn them into enemies of private enterprise and the capitalist system and this is reinforced at the university level”, added the ex-legislator.

Guevara believes that parties like the Partido Accion Cuidadana (PAC) – in its second consecutive term of having a president in office – and the Frente Amplio (FA) have benefited from these educational programs “that prepare the minds of the people so that the electoral proposals of these groups can find fertile land.”

Guevara recommended a profound revision in education, so that students develop critical thinking.

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