Legislator Otto Guevara Guth and his brother-in-law want his money back, their lawyer, Federico Campos Calderón, on Friday petitioning the Fiscalia (Prosecutor’s Office) for the return of the ¢41 million colones seized last month during a raid on the law offices of Grupo Jurídico Especializado (GJE), in Los Yoses, Montes de Oca.

Guevara and Araya are being investigated for the alleged crimes of legitimization of capital and falsehood in an affidavit. The pair charging that the Attorney General, Emilia Navas Aparicio and trial court judge Fernando Mora Gutierrez overstepped their boundary in searching an office that was not included in the warrant, where judicial agents found a safe with the cash.

The defense lawyer is arguing that the money seized during raid took place on March 23, 2018, was obtained illegally by the judicial agents, it should be returned immediately and is asking the court to vacate the charges against his clients.


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