COSTA RICA BUSINESS – There is growing confidence by businesses to delegate work to specialized companies for the services of storage, management and distribution of their inventory.

Warehouse forklifterAnother service offered by companies that focus on managing inventories for third parties is the labeling of products to help companies promote their products in the market. This trend of outsourcing inventory management is on the rise in Costa Rica, allowing companies to “… make up for capacity gaps in logistics processes, make fixed costs variable once again and improve sales.”

Walter Espinoza, storage manager at Grupo Servica, told that “… This growth has occurred because companies are able to turn their fixed costs into variable costs. This service also allows firms to focus more on marketing their products, achieving efficiency and significant cost savings. ”

Arnoldo Carranza, CEO of DHL Global Forwarding Costa Rica, added “… There is still enough market left to explore. Now businesses, especially national ones, realize that outsourcing these functions does not make them less competitive, and it also allows them to focus on selling their product. ”


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