Photo Federico Chavarría, La Nacion
Photo Federico Chavarría, La Nacion

COSTA RICA NEWS — The Observatorio Sismológico y Vulcanológico de la Universidad Nacional (Ovsicori) – Seismological and Volcanological Observatory of the National University – this afternoon confirmed the presence of magma in the material spewed by Turrialba volanco in eruptions that began shortly before midnight Wednesday.

According to Ovsicori volcanologist Geoffroy Avard, the material analyzed from samples taken in the first 12 hours of the first eruption, although mostly old residues, magma was found to have reached the surface in small portions.

“It means that the magma has reached the surface and the volcano is not only emitting gas … ,” Avard told La Nacion at 6:30pm Friday..

“We are now in a wait and see situation, and constantly monitor the changes,” he added.

The first eruption occurred on Wednesday, October 30, around 11:00pm. On Thursday afternoon and early Friday morning there were four new eruptions.


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