The Banco Hipotecario de la Vivienda (BANHVI) said the institution will allow owners of assisted homes to rent them out, in very special cases.

DB5FCBDEFC722AEB96C21A2E8040E9The BANHVI over the 26 years has issued more tha 300.000 housing bonds that allows families who can hardly opt for a loan to buy their home who do not have an income to rent.

The bonds allow the poor to have a proper roof over their head to improve their family living conditions.

Juan de Dios Rojas, general manager of the BANVHI told the PRENSA LIBRE that the renting of assisted homes is not prohibited and that the government agency many tmes authorizes families to do so as long as they notify the bank.

Rojas explained that authorization is given in circumstances such as family conditions change or there is a need to move to be closer to work.

“If a family lives in Alajuela and must travel to work in Heredia, for instance, they may apply for authorization to rent the assisted home”, said Rojas.

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