Luis Guillermo Solís surrounded by his family.
Luis Guillermo Solís surrounded by his family.

More than 24 hours are the voting, the Partido Accion Cuidadana (PAC) still has not a presidential candidate. The voting is so close that political scientist Luis Guillermo Solís only has 72 vote lead, forcing a manual count before a winner is declared.

The Sunday voting was light. The electronic results has Solís earning 35.53% of the vote, with Juan Carlos Mendosa behind him at 35.22%.

Although the PAC party is looking to Solís to lead them into the 2014 presidential elections, the Tribunal Electoral Interno (TEI) – Electoral Tribunal – will not declare any candidate as winner of the national convention vote until all the votes have been counted manually.

Solís told the media he was pleased with the results, but being cautious that the results are still provisional.

In the internal party elections, Epsy Campbel placed third with 24.9% and Ronald Solís fourth, with 4.28%. In total 23.247 votes were cast, according to TEI records.

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