Do you know Luis Guillermo Solis? Well, he wants to you to get to know him, being the first with a television commercial.

The 30 second spot that aired Monday night at 8am on all local televesion channels, was aimed at Costa Ricans getting to know Solís as the candidate for the artido Acción Ciudadana (PAC).

Wearing a grey suit, white shirt and yellow tie, standing in a vacant space his message was clear, that he is a “citizen like you” and invites the people to get to know him.

He also attacked the Partido Liberacion Nacional (PLN) as having lost its direction and soul. “The direction can be recovered, the soul, once gone…it’s gone”, said Solís.

In his commercial, he blames the PLN for unemployment and poverty, and the abandonment of the middle class.

Solís was once a member of the PLN party, he says he left because of the “corruption, inability, inadequacy, politicking and electoral fraud”, that in his view is still the mainstay of the green white (PLN) party.

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