Panama international airport. Photo Alamy
Panama international airport. Photo Alamy

TODAY PANAMA – Using a mobile application travelers arriving at Panama’s Tocumen airport can carry out security prechecks up to two weeks before arriving in the country.

The digital system can be used by Panamanians and foreigners on computers, tablets and mobile phones, allowing travelers to enter their personal and flight data for review prior to their entry to the airport.

Panama’s La Prensa reports that “…The precheck can be made up to 15 days in advance of arrival in Panama. ”

“… Javier Carrillo, Director of Immigration, said that Panama has become the second country in the region to offer this innovative service, which is initially being offered at the International Airport of Tocumen, and facilitates, among other things: people accessing the system from anywhere in the world and up to 15 days before their flight; reduction of queues at airports; citizens saving time when filling out forms with personal and flight information; and the services allows access to special lines for being served.”

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“… Domestic and foreign travelers can access and use the system through their mobile phones, by accessing the website of the organization, where they must register with their real data, and then receive an email to confirm the information and to make use of this tool. ”

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