Between 2015 adn 2020, Panama's logistics sector requires an additional 35,507 people.
Between 2015 adn 2020, Panama’s logistics sector requires an additional 35,507 people.

TODAY PANAMA – Projections are that for the five year period between 2015-2020 there will be a shortfall of 70,000 workers in the sectors of construction, logistics, tourism and agriculture.

According to the National Competitiveness Center, in the specified period there will be a shortage of workers especially in the logistics sector, where they will need at least 35,000 technicians, ie 49.5%, while in the construction area demand will be for around 28,000 people, representing 40.3%. In the case of the tourism sector it is estimated that it will require approximately 4,113 technicians, ie 5.7% and in agriculture about 3,203, the remaining 4.5%. reports that “… This lack of technical and professional people relates to the current employment situation. According to the latest household survey by the Comptroller General of the Republic, 196,000 workers perform their work activities in the construction activity which accounts to 11.6% of the employed labor force.

“… In the case of activities related to the logistics sector, the Household Survey up to August 2014 indicated that in the field of transport, storage and mail 118,774 people are employed, 7% of the total workforce, and in activities providing information and communication services there are 14,316 (0.8%). In the case of tourism, 79,706 people are employed, 4.7% of the workforce. ”

Article first appeared in Today Panama

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