TODAY PANAMA NEWS – The conceptual advantage that is raising the country above its Central American neighbors is demonstrated by the implementation of the project for Line 3 of the Panama Metro between Albrook and Ciudad del Futuro.

The presentation of the environmental impact study for Line 3 of the Panama Metro, funded by the International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and prepared by URS HOLDINGS is a clear sign of the will of Panamanians to continue strengthening the foundations of economic and social development through the construction of communication routes, which is in keeping with what is clearly taught by the history of mankind: communication generates progress.

Metro Line 1 is now fully operational, and the number of users has exceeded all expectations, justifying its construction, while Line 2 is already in the tender process.

The launch of Line 3 will significantly invigorate the development of an area that despite being geographically close to the center of Panama City, currently has serious difficulties in terms of the movement of people and goods. The executive summary of the Environmental Impact accurately notes “… the project construction … will create positive changes to the environment as a result of staffing requirements and inputs, which in turn means a supply of jobs and need for materials that favor sectors related to the these as a result of the introduction of measures to encourage the hiring of local labor and a ripple effect that will stimulate the development of complementary economic activities in the project environment, aimed to meet the needs of the work and associated personnel. ”

Article first appeared on Today Panama, reposted with permission

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