Yerelyn Guzmán

COSTA RICA NEWS It is now 17 days since six year old Yerelyn Guzmán Calvo went missing, a case that is an enigma for the police.

Yerelyn went missing the early evening of Friday, July 11, last seen at 6:20 pm.

Police, rescue workers, volunteers, family and friends have search high and low, in the creeks, rivers, under bridges, empty lots and still no sign of the little girl.

In custody is a cousin of Yerelyn’s father, a 23 year old man, who says he doesn’t know where the little girl is. He is in custody on allegations of sexual molestation of several minors, including brothers of Yerelyn.

For now the anguished parents have only memories of the brown eyed, morena, with shoulder-length hair little girl, who loved to parade in front of the mirror in her humble home, recalls her mother, Hellen Calvo.

Jorge Guzman, Yerelyn’s father, clings to the idea of finding his youngest daughter alive.

Source: La Nacion

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