Artist rendering of the San Sebastian underpass. the MOPT says the Paso Ancho will be similar.

One of the remaining “rotondas”, Paso Ancho, commonly known as La Guacamaya, will be getting an upgrade says the  ministro de Obras Públicas y Transportes, Pedro Castro, who this afternoon confirmed the start of the design phase.

Castro said the design work will take about two months and construction another fourteen, with an expected completion date in 2015.

The intersection be similar to that of San Sebastain (by Walmart), said minister Castro.

The contract valued at ¢5 billion colones was awarded to the MECO company, financing coming from the Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo (BID) – Inter-American Development Bank – fund.

The Paso Ancho rotonda is a bottleneck for eastbound traffic, where three lanes narrow down two.

The last of the rotondas on the Circunvalación are the “Zapote” and ‘Bandera de la Democracia” (north of San Pedro mall).

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