1. Best keep your smartphone in the freezer to make the battery last longer

The only reason the battery lasts longer when you put it in the freezer because “you’re not actively using” it, just like if you kept it turned off.


2. Pressing the on button repeatedly makes it “start faster”.

Similar to the elevator button, the more you press it the faster it will come.


3. Changing your Google Talk status to “invisible” makes you “INVISIBLE”.

There have been numerous reports worldwide of people robbing banks, gas stations, etc. with the belief that putting their Google Talk status to invisible no one would actually see them commit the crimes.


4. The iPhone or iPad can actually fly if you put in on “airplane” mode.

Apple says it has thousands of reported cases of people complaining that their phone/ipad is faulty, not taking off when placed in “airplane” mode.


5. Hitting the TV for a better signal.

For many years, many have been pounding their television sets for a better signal, a practice that is absolutely useless. It does take away the stress, momentarily, but then yelling into a pillow has the same result, without a now broken television.


6. Charging your phone overnight kills the battery.

Your phone is smarter than you think. Once it’s fully juiced up, it knows to stop charging. That means the battery isn’t even in use at all.


7. You don’t need to turn your phone off — ever.

Your phone may be a machine, but it still needs to take a few breaks. An Apple Genius said that in order to maximize battery life, you should turn off your phone from time to time, especially when you go to bed at night.


8. You can use your phone’s remote signal to unlock a car.

This one has been doing the rounds for years, but unfortunately it’s completely untrue. We say ‘unfortunately’ because it would be kind of cool, but then there’s nothing cool about getting your car stolen. Here’s National Geographic debunking the myth…


9. Heat will ruin a battery.

This is absolutely true. Heat and tech don’t generally go hand-in-hand, and that’s no different with phone batteries.

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