pay-per-headQCOSTARICA – Over the last ten years, more and more Americans have become familiar with Costa Rica.  Sportsbook and Pay Per Head businesses began locating here, many from the U.S., during the late 1990’s.

Many of the Pay Per Head businesses, especially those endorsed by, do have longevity and respectability under their belts.  This doesn’t mean that all Pay Per Head companies that are based here can be trusted.

It is relatively easy to set up shop in Costa Rica, which tends to attract some fly-by-night operators.  Know who you are dealing with!  One does not require a license to operate per se.  This and the fact that living is good and there is no shortage of young English speaking well-educated Ticos and Ticas (native Costa Ricans) makes the country especially attractive to US and Canadian-based bookies and sportsbook operators.

Like any good business, word of mouth is essential.  For example, came highly recommended to by others residing in Costa Rica.  Many of today’s Pay Per Head businesses are actually offshoots of pre-existing sportsbooks.

Most of the Pay Per Heads located in Costa Rica do offer live wagering, online casinos and poker rooms.  The websites are typically compatible with most smartphones and iPads.  Sites like start at competitive pricing scales.

Article by Don Shapiro,

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