COSTA RICA NEWS — The elevators on three overhead pedestrian passes will be operational by December, says the Consejo Nacional de Vialidad (Conavi).

Photo:  Conavi
Photo: Conavi

The three locations are: La Union, Quesada Durán and in front of the Hospital Mexico in La Uruca.

The three overpasses do not comply with Ley 7600 that requires handicap ramps. Cristian Vargas, head of works at the Conavi, said that given the impossibility of building ramps at these three locations, it was decided to install elevators.

The cost of the six elevators (one at each of the overpass) will cost the Conavi ¢708 million colones. Included in the cost are security surveillance cameras that will operate 24/7.

Vargas said that construction will be finished in November and begin to function the month following.

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