QBLOGS – First, here in Costa Rica we cannot avoid commenting as well as analyzing the recent elections in the United States. We are small, (Not too small to win at soccer) and we are vulnerable in so many ways such as the economy, jobs, water and most important of all a failed infrastructure which is keeping us in the last century.

Notice that almost all news articles pertaining to construction and jobs use the “future” tense. “It should be ready in late 2017,” “Studies are being completed to ease the flow of traffic.” We plan to borrow tons of money from the United States.”

No, we cannot expect too much from the U.S. under the newly elected administration, if the staunch, nationalistic rhetoric which got Trump, et al elected, is to be believed, then it is its big trouble for our exports, investments, immigration, and construction.

Meanwhile, the land of Pura Vida has morphed from a global recognized eco resort location that attracted millions of families each year to a violent drug bridge (turned warehouse) between South and North America, offices of home-grown shipping cartels, gang warfare, and Lone Rangers who commit just about every conceivable crime possible. Think about it, a “hit” man in Limon said he would knock off anyone for 20,000 colones. That’s less than forty U.S. dollars.

Without foreign assistance, Costa Rica simply cannot turn around its unemployment blues, it’s drowning economy, corruption on every level, potholes in main roads the size of a six person Jacuzzi, a faltering education system and a bureaucracy that would stop Superman, and he is faster than a speeding bullet.

Let’s hope, no call upon the Virgin Mary, that this Republican Congress and Senate along with their esteem leaders leader, the President, are collectively far more benevolent than their bravado claims of nationalism, America first, especially if you are white.

Never the less, Costa Rica will feel the Trump impact. Exactly? We do not know how….but we will feel it.

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