This Wednesday (during the taxi driver’s protest) the creativity of hundreds of Ticos came to light with the birth of a new meme, with focus on a driver of Uber Eats and a group of taxi drivers demonstrating.

The photo by Jeffrey Zamora

Jeffrey Zamora, photographer for La Nacion, said he didn’t think it twice to capture the image of the Uber Eats delivery guy on a bicycle making his way through taxi protesters blocking the roads.

Zamora said the delivery guy did not skip a beat, including insults and shouts aimed at stopping him.

Important here, one of the major contentions of the taxi drivers is the presence of Uber on the streets of Costa Rica.

The memes.

Taxis protest while they (Uber) cover the demand
Here we have machillo’s (Oscar Ramirez) replacement
We didn’t know that there was Uber Eggs (Balls)
The moment you learn your life is worth shit
Just like when a hot woman passes by a construction site
The balls of a taxista (taxi driver) placing a Uber Eats order

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