The "cedula", personal and corporate is the official indentification document in Costa Rica.
The “cedula”, personal and corporate, is the official identification document in Costa Rica.

(QCOSTARICA) The time-consuming and frustration of having to provide a photocopy of a cedula (personal or corporate) to deal with public institutions has come to an end, following the publication of the executive decree in the official government newsletter, La Gaceta, on Friday.

With the decree signed last July 13, the procedure of dealing with State entities and autonomous institutions, ie ICE, AyA seeks to avoid wasting paper, ink, electricity and time to get a photocopy for any interaction.

The government felt it an “unncessary practice” to request a photocopy of the cedula.

The change applies to all centralized and decentralized public institutions across the country. The directive also calls for the training of staff, to understand that photocopies are longer necessary, the information is publicly available electronically.

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