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PHOTOS: Cinchona “Then” and “Now”

La Nacion has published a six photo essay of then and now of the 2009 Chinchona earthquake.

Scene 2 of Cinchona in 2009

The 2009 earthquake occurred at 1:21:34 pm local time (19:21:34 UTC) on January 8, 2009. The epicentre of the 6.1 Mw earthquake was in northern Costa Rica, 30 kilometres (19 mi) north-northwest of San José. It was felt all over Costa Rica as well as in southern central Nicaragua.

Scene 2 of Cinchona in 2013

See all the photos in La Nacion.


The earthquake took at least 34 lives, including at least three children, left about 64 people missing and injured at least 91. Hundreds of people were trapped and two villages were cut off. Most of the victims died when a landslide occurred near the La Paz waterfall by the Poás Volcano, and 452 people including 369 tourists were evacuated from the area in helicopters. 1,244 people were displaced in the immediate aftermath. In addition, a hotel, houses, roads, and vehicles were damaged, and several bridges were also destroyed. The town of Cinchona was heavily hit, and all of the buildings there were heavily damaged. Power was temporarily disrupted in San José.