COSTA RICA NEWS — Thousands took the streets of downtown San José Tuesday to call awareness to the violence against women (and men), marking the United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women,

Among the participants was President Luis Guillermo Solís, First Lady Mercedes Peñas and number of government ministers, including Alejandra Mora, director of the Instituto Nacional de las Mujeres (INAMU), that organized the event.

The march left the Parque Mercedes (on the west end of Avenida Segunda), moving slowly towards along the main drag, ending in front of the Legislative Assembly on the east end of downtown San José.


A number of men calling the attention of their plight against false accusations of domestic violence, wore t-shirts with messages denouncing the INAMU and how the state agency destroys families and promotes inequality.

Many carried signs and placards, groups held out large banners. Some of the young women in the march made their point by being scantily dressed, a few almost naked. One young woman sat on the pavement, with a bloodied white shorts providing a strong visual graphic of the results of a rape.

Employees of the Servicio Civil (Central Government) had the morning off to participate in the march.


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