Traffic in Tibas Saturday morning was more chaotic than normal, thanks to the implementation of the pilot plan to introduce a sectorization plan for buses, that includes a trunk line with exclusive lanes for public transport, changes in bus stops and the flow of other traffic.

Saturday morning in Tibas, the first day of the pilot plan of the truncal routes for public transport. Foto Jeffrey Zamora, La Nacion

The public’s reaction in Tibas was confusion: pedestrians and users of public transit wondering where the bus and taxi stops were; drivers caught in congestion that was backed up at times up to 7 and 9 blocks, and relying on the presence of traffic officials (Transitos) to direct them in the changes.

A common sentiment expressed by some on this first day was that the project is doomed to fail.

Pedestrians asking for directions due to the changes. Foto Jeffrey Zamora, La Nacion

Juan Guillermo Solís Mena, Transit Director of the Central Metropolitan Region, explained that for the start of the sectorization project and exclusive lanes for public transit in the Tibás area, the Transit Police will monitor compliance, parking and ensure that non-public transit vehicles use the exclusive lanes.

Mena explained that, as part of the preparations, drivers of public transport were informed of the changes implemented along the route, as well as changes in the authorized bus and taxi stops.

But all other drivers had to find out the hard way: stuck in traffic, in Tibas on a Saturday morning.

From Casa Presidencial

Emerson Carr, one of the traffic offiicals on duty Saturday morning, offered his opinion to La Nacion,  “we have to see what happens on Monday.”

But this Monday and Tuesday (August 14 and 15) is not a good indicator of what is to come, given that Tuesday is a holiday, Mother’s Day and Monday, well, many have made a long weekend of the holiday.

Wednesday will be real test for the plan.

The first truncal route is Heredia-San Pablo, Santo Domingo-Tibás, Tibás-San José.

Source: La Nacion; Casa Presidencial

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