Jorge Luis Pinto will not get another shot at heading Costa Rica’s national soccer team, “La Sele”. The Fedefútbol announced this Tuesday morning the Colombian coach is out of the final list of four.

Jorge Luis Pinto. File photo

The Technical Commission of the Fedefútbol announced the 18 parameters that were taken into account in the matrix to qualify the coaches that included Pinto, the Colombian Luis Fernando Suárez, the Mexican Víctor Vucetich and the Uruguayan Gustavo Matosas.

Why didn’t Pinto, who took Costa Rica’s national team to their best World Cup performance ever in 2014, didn’t get past the preliminary selection?

José Jaikel, president of the Technical Commission, told La Nacion, “I would not like to refer to specific people. When the profiles are evaluated, the names are forgotten, an impartial work is done and we do not think about personal issues. They were the same parameters for everyone’.

Jaikel defended the process saying Pinto would not have obtained a high score according to his background, but he assured that the treatment was objective and impartial for all the coaches.

Among the criteria the technical commision sets out of a new coach are: Successful in clubs and selection, Recognized coach, Experience in directing, Experience in the area, Tactical knowledge, Relevance of Costa Rica in his career, and acceptance of Costa Rican staff.

According to La Nacion, Pinto met 13 of the 17 points set by the Fedefutbol. But not enough to make to be selected as the team’s new coach. Again.

Following the World Cup 2014, Pinto called it quits in Costa Rica saying he couldn’t come to terms with then Fedefutbol president Eduardo Li on a new contract.

In announcing his departure in July 2014, Pinto said “I slept with the enemy for 1 1/2 years. I had my differences with the staff. They don’t share my style. I’m demanding. I want dedication and effort”.

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