UPDATED (12:47PM) — The Q! was able to confirm the blockade by the Piratas was lifter around 11:00AM, protestors preferring to dialogue with authorities than risk a confrontation with riot police and seizures of their vehicles. The Fuerza Publica had on standay, a 100 metres from the blockade and visible to the protestors, the GAO specialized police unit and a tow trucks.


COSTA RICA NEWS — Once again, the informal taxis – commonly referred to as “piratas” – made like difficult for the thousands living in Lomas de Pavas, the west end of San José, choking off all vehicular passage to and from the area from the early hours of this (Thursday) morning.

Photo Luis Navarro
Photo Luis Navarro

The only way to get a bus to work this morning was to walk up to a kilometre to get to the nearest bus stop where buses made their temporary terminal, to get to and from work this morning.

The piratas are protesting against the aggressive actions of the Policia de Tránsito against the informal taxi business in the area.

The choke off point was in front of the Demasa plant, the only road in and out of Lomas, one of the most populous areas of Costa Rica.

The informal taxis say the traffic police is impeding their ability to earn a living, providing a service to residents who can’t afford formal taxi services.

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